Hueloom said YES to slow fashion and sustainability

The Word That Shaped Our Vision

2022 has been a year of extremes. Together, we’ve faced a lot of challenges and negativity around the world, but we have also progressed the most this year, and made a lot of positive impacts.
However, we still have a long way to go, especially in our efforts towards creating a cleaner, greener planet. The only way to do this is through collective awareness, acknowledgement, and action.
As a slow fashion brand, we feel the responsibility to address this even more, given the fact that the fashion industry accounts for 10% of global pollution!
So, we decided that our mantra this year would be YES. A resounding YES to everything positive, to everything we could do to be more mindful, eco-friendly, and sustainable.
Now we’d like to share the things we said yes to (and why) this year, in the hopes that more people would become aware of these issues, acknowledge the human involvement in them, and take action, however small, to further the cause towards being more sustainable.
Hueloom said yes to sustainable fashion
1. Slow Fashion
We said yes to slow fashion by adopting a made-to-order business model, and avoiding mass production (and mass wastage, which is the main issue with fast fashion). This has helped us become a more conscious brand by maintaining a zero-inventory store, buying less fabric, wasting less, and putting in more qualitative effort into producing our clothes.
Hueloom - Saying yes to slow fashion
2. Body Positivity
Saying yes to being a body positive brand has helped us provide more than just good quality clothing for our customers. It helps us deliver confidence, and that’s something we feel really good about. We do this by being inclusive in terms of our product sizing, and offering custom sizing options for all our clothes.
3. Capsule Clothing
We said yes to capsule clothing by creating collections that blend together extremely well within themselves, and with other collections we put out. Additionally, we also offer curated capsules AND the choice for you to curate your own capsules!. This makes it easy for our customers to select pieces that complement each other, for all occasions, and create a capsule wardrobe that is efficient, looks great, and reduces consumption. It also helps reduce impulse buying, and promotes a longer usage cycle for our products.
4. Eco-friendly Fabrics
Polyester and other synthetic fabrics have long dominated the fashion industry, especially fast fashion. These fabrics are cheap and easy to produce, but hard to destroy once the product’s life cycle ends. This is why we made the eco-friendly choice to say yes to natural fabrics like cupro and modal, making our products and your wardrobe much better for the environment.
5. Multi-stylable Clothes
Perhaps one of the most unique things we have said yes to, has been the choice to become a multi-stylable clothing brand. Multi-stylable clothing comprises truly reversible and/or convertible clothing like these, and this opens up a whole new world of possibilities. The choices available to you in terms of styling are practically limitless, which makes your wardrobe 10X more versatile and efficient. This promotes rewearing of clothes, extends their lifecycle, and gives so much more value.
Saying yes to these simple but effective ideas and processes has helped shape our brand’s vision to be more sustainable, and champion the cause for positive change in fashion.
So, what positive things have you said yes to, this year?
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