How reversible and convertible clothes make a better capsule

How Reversible & Convertible Clothes Make A Better Capsule Wardrobe

If you’re looking to build a capsule wardrobe or trying to make yours better, you’ve come to the right place!
We have battled with the notion of building better, more streamlined capsule wardrobes ourselves, when the answer hit us square in our faces - REVERSIBLE & CONVERTIBLE CLOTHES!
These clothes are versatile pieces that give you endless wardrobe options to style your outfits every day. Additionally, they also reduce fashion waste, and cost per wear! Being kind to the environment without compromising on your fashion style is definitely a win-win!
As we all know, having a capsule wardrobe in itself is a great step towards being more sustainable by preventing the wastage of garments and reducing the number of clothing landfills. It is a very sustainable alternative for every consumer who is environmentally conscious as each and every single garment is curated by you based on how many times you style them, so you wear every single piece you own and nothing goes unused or thrown away before its lifetime.
Now imagine doing the same, but with twice as many styles!!!
This is where sustainability takes form as multi-stylable clothes - reversible and convertible garments.
How capsule clothing creates a more sustainable wardrobe
The ability to create multiple looks with just one or two pieces reduces the need to constantly buy new clothes, which is a major contributor to fast fashion’s negative environmental impact.
In case you were wondering, here’s how these two types of clothing differ:
Reversible clothing is exactly what it sounds like - clothes that can be worn inside-out or front-back. This means having a single shirt or dress in your favorite silhouette that has different colors or patterns on either side, allowing you to switch up the look of an outfit by simply flipping the garment inside out or turning front to back.
Convertible clothing, on the other hand, are clothes that can be transformed into different styles or shapes by tie-ups or detachable options in your garment that transforms your outfit to a completely different silhouette.
By adding a few reversible and convertible items to your capsule collection, you can increase the versatility and sustainability of your wardrobe to a huge extent. In addition to being practical and space-saving, reversible and convertible clothes can also be more sustainable because they allow you to get more use out of each item. By wearing a piece of clothing in multiple ways, you can extend its lifespan and reduce the amount of clothing you need to buy, consequently reducing the number of clothes you dispose of.
One major benefit of going for a capsule wardrobe is that you can have various different outfit looks for about a month with as less as 5 pieces of clothes. Initially, a capsule wardrobe consists of 15-20 pieces depending on each person. Now imagine having reversible and convertible clothing options in even half of the capsule pieces that you own!
You can get a curated variety of outfits that have multiple styling options with less garments. And since all these pieces are made to go together, you will always look like you’ve put thought into each and every look, effortlessly.
Pro Tip: Generally, capsule wardrobes follow the 80/20 rule i.e., 80% of staple clothes that are versatile and 20% of seasonal clothes or some of your unique fashion favorites. This can vary a little, as each of us has a different sense of style.
Apart from giving a lot of personal pros like minimizing your time spent on choosing outfits, saving money, and reducing stress, the major goal of a capsule wardrobe entails reusing and forming a circular system that generates little to no waste by the consumer of the garment.
Check out our Verso collection to get an idea of the kind of wardrobe staples you can go for!
Here are some more reversible and convertible clothes that could be included in a capsule wardrobe:
  • Convertible wrap dresses that can be worn as a dress or can be used for layering.
  • Reversible shirts/tops with different necklines on either side.
  • Reversible coats with solid color on one side and pattern on the other.
  • Convertible co-ords that you can pair up with a different top/bottom.
  • Convertible pants that can be zipped or buttoned down to shorts.
  • Convertible bags that can be worn in multiple ways, by adjusting the straps or using a different fold, changing a backpack into a sling bag.
  • Scarves are ideally the most versatile accessory one can own, as you can tie them up in different ways with different knot styles, curating a unique look each time.
There are endless options when it comes to reversible and convertible clothes and accessories that are widely spreading among conscious consumers. The goal of maintaining a sustainable capsule wardrobe does not stop with less closet space, but more conscious thought that is put into each and every piece worn and owned. Make sure to look up ethically sourced, eco-friendly materials that are sure to put on money-worth quality. Capsule clothing with reversible and convertible options is an incredible option for travelers or for your backpacking tours.
In short, offering increased versatility and functionality, reversible and convertible clothes are definitely a valuable addition to a sustainable capsule wardrobe. Choosing high-quality, timeless pieces that are multi-stylable, helps in creating a wardrobe that offers high value and versatility, making them more eco-friendly without compromising on your style.
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